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List of Academic & Scholarly Conferences on Comic Art (Comics), & Graphic Novels

Conference Conference Date Paper Proposal Submission Date Location
UF - Conference on Comics & Graphic Novels
Late February September - October University of Florida, Gainesville
College Art Association
Annual Conference
Late February May (early; paper proposals)
September (panel proposals)
(2004: Seattle, WA; 2005: Atlanta, GA; 2006: New York, NY, 2006: Boston)
Popular Culture Association - Comic Art & Comics Area
March (late) - April (early) September (late) - December Varies
(2003: New Orleans, LA; 2004: San Antonio, TX; 2005: San Diego, CA; 2006: Atlanta, GA; 2007: Boston, MA)
Narrative: An International Conference
(website; click on "Scene")
March (late) - April (early) October (mid) Varies
(2003: Berkeley, CA; 2004: Burlington, VT, 2005: Louisville, KY; 2006: Ottawa, Canada)

U. of CA-Riverside: Annual Humanities Conference

April Jan (early) University of California, Riverside
Sequential Art Studies Conference (blog info) April-May December-February Sydney, Australia
International Bande Dessinée Conference (every other year; website) July Check website Manchester, U.K.
Comic Art Conference
July (during the San Diego Comic-Con) March (early to mid) San Diego, CA
International Comic Art Festival
Sept.-Oct. February-March Washington, D.C.
International Conference On Word & Image (website) September 2005 (24-29) August Varies
(2002: Hamburg, GERMANY; 2005: Philadelphia, PA)

1st Note: check out the conference websites for the exact dates and for calls for papers (CFP) information.

2nd Note: other venues with scholarly or academic panels on comics include visual arts, languages or literature conferences, such as those organized by the Modern Languages Association, as well as regional conferences of large associations, such as the regional chapters of the Popular Culture Association and of the Modern Language Association.

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