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FREE comic art lessons online
Learn volumes about creating comics: effective page layouts (controlling your reader's eyes), principles of strip gags, types of balloons and when to use them, panel shapes, sizes and borders, industry tips, printing practices, lettering, color, and much more. Lessons are updated every other day, and the last one stays up for an extra two days. Bookmark it and come back regularly. Take me to The Comic Art Prof™ classroom for today's lesson!

Courses & Workshops

Do you want to create comics, mangas, or graphic novels? Do you want to understand how comics work? Whether you're a comic artist or writer seeking to improve your skills, or whether you're a student or educator who is new to this increasingly popular medium, here are learning opportunities for you. Taught in locations in Southern California by Christian Hill, an artist, professor, and member of the National Association of Comic Art Educators.


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